Read CarefullyCancellation Policy

Please Read Carefully!

Strictly Enforced!

North Valley Pediatric Therapy is committed to providing our patients with exceptional care and providing our community with much-needed services.  We ask for your help and commitment as well.  Cancellations are not fair to the therapist, put a financial strain on the clinic, and prevent another child from the opportunity to have that appointment. Knowing of a cancellation as soon as possible allows us to offer that appointment to other children waiting.

Cancellations:  Will be charged a $25 fee.  

To avoid a cancellation fee: 

1. Call (do not text) before 2:00 pm the business day before your appointment. 

(We do not take cancellations over text) 

2. Call before 9:00 am if your child wakes up ill.                                                      

(After 9:00 you will be charged the $25 fee)

3. Reschedule your appointment. 

No Call / No Shows: Will be charged a $50 fee.  

Having 3 no shows will result in no longer providing services to your child.

Fees must be paid prior to or at the next appointment to receive services.  

Fees are the responsibility of the patient.  

Fees are not covered by DDD or your insurance provider.  

Ongoing Spot Attendance Requirement: Ongoing spots are very limited and only reserved for those that can maintain a 75% attendance rate in a 90-day period (3 missed appointments in a 90-day period) regardless of the reason. If that attendance rate cannot be maintained due to frequent illness, busy and flexing schedules, transportation etc. then we have other more flexible scheduling options available to meet your child’s therapy needs.

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Copyright by North Valley Pediatric Therapy. All rights reserved.

Copyright by North Valley Pediatric Therapy. All rights reserved.